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Constipation No Longer a Taboo Subject

In today’s fast food generation and sedentary life styles, not only do we have a problem in America with obesity, we also have a problem with constipation. Something in the past we did not always want to talk about. But in reality we do need to address this as it can have an array of adverse effects on the body. The colon is a large holding tank for waste material that needs to be eliminated on a daily basis. When this does not occur and you are […]

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Cleaning Up Your Act Constipation and Its Effects

The excretory system is a collection of organs whose main function is to red the body of all its waste. These wastes may include solid, liquid or gaseous wastes that when kept inside the body for too long may prove fatal. Liquid wastes or urine is expelled from the body via the kidney, the bladder and the tubes connected to these 2 organs. The process of eliminating liquid waste is called urinatio. Gaseous wastes are let out of the body by means of the mouth, nose, and […]

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