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Cleaning Up Your Act Constipation and Its Effects

The excretory system is a collection of organs whose main function is to red the body of all its waste. These wastes may include solid, liquid or gaseous wastes that when kept inside the body for too long may prove fatal. Liquid wastes or urine is expelled from the body via the kidney, the bladder and the tubes connected to these 2 organs. The process of eliminating liquid waste is called urinatio. Gaseous wastes are let out of the body by means of the mouth, nose, and […]

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Why You Should Use Fruits for Constipation

Fruits are made by nature and are a perfect food. They contain the right balance of nutrients with distilled water. You gain enormous benefits from eating fruits especially if you eat the outer skin and eat them without cooking. They are easy to digest and absorb and do not stress your colon. In addition, they will help you relieve or eliminate your constipation. Fruits contain fiber, which help to cleanse your colon and prevent constipation. Most fruits help provide the body with minerals that help the body […]

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How to Stop Suffering from Constipation

The most important thing to remember is that “Constipation is not a sickness, or illness or disease. It is a symptom of something we do (or don’t do)“. Constipation is generalized as a condition where bowel movements are infrequent, resulting in a hard, dry stool. Many experts suggest that you should have at least 1 bowel movement each day, and some even suggest you should have a bowel movement for every meal! The causes of constipation are many and varied, but the most common ones are: a […]

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